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2004-08-08 - 12:14 a.m.


HoooooWHAH (that is almost my mouth airhorn there) hi buddies!!! jesus ME it has been so long since i sat down and had a little fireside chat with you all i just dont know where to begin!!

first off i sure have been paying close attention to all the politickin goin on down there what with my EX FRIEND GEORGE (long story, BAD NINTENDO INCIDENT) and his worthy opponent John "EL HUMUNGO HEAD" Kerry and whooo boy it is a doozy!! i cant wait for the debates, myself... and not even for the chimp vs the HEAD! i cannot wait for the vice presidential debates where we will see Sunny Smilin' Southern John Edwards vs. SNARLY McSNAGGLETOOTH the MAN WHO CANCELLED CHRISTMAS!! that is going to be 100000% awesome i personally guarantee it! i sure am tired of all the LYIN going around we got this movie off of heaven cable the other day it is called OUTFOXED i think you guys can get it down there anyway it shows how much that fuddy duddy fox news carries on and on and spins big ol yarns that the americans (well half of them anyway) go and knit into a big SCARF OF DUMBNESS and then wear it all over town! it also has bill o'LIEly and his blotchface where you can connect the dots and see a turtle. anyway it is a great documentary bill lies and hollers a lot and you will learn lots of awesome stuff about fox news

in other news that new m night shambalan movie is both 50% good and 50% DUMB AS A STICK i really dont know what to think about it because i love that guy so much but MAN of course i can blame AINT IT FAT AND ANNOYING NEWS for spoiling the ending and maybe that is the root of my ISH but WHATEVER!!!!

i think i am all hopped up on piss and vinegar tonight! maybe it is because a bus load of hotties had a lil club med 'incident' and they all came up here and passed me by going HEY ITS JESUS!! but i could not muster up the courage! booooooo maybe i need to get dad to open up a KARAOKE BAR up here i think that would be a hit and the liquid courage would help me talk to club med. i will put that on the TO DO list and i bet elvis and all those other guys would love it since they probably get tired of actually playing and singing in the rock and roll heaven band and want to just sing other peoples songs backed by crappy music and awkward video to accompany!


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