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2001-08-01 - 1:38 p.m.

parties suck

ok so i have a story for you all

earlier today some girl was praying because her friends totally un-invited her to a party and i just want to say how much i can understand

when i was about oh golly i guess i was 16 or so, my friend called me up and wanted me to come to his party and well i thought what the hey, i like parties and i had fun at the last one he had so i asked him if i could bring my friends along with me and that's when the real problem started

he told me that there was no way i could bring judas, because the last time they had a party he totally called the cops on them and that just wasn't cool -- and in addition to that he said that if i did anything 'creepy' like walk on the water or whatever he wouldn't invite me again cuz i guess people really got weirded out about that and girls don't like dudes who can walk on water or something

so i didn't end up going, but its probably ok because i'm sure that people would have just been bringing me jugs of water and bags of oregano all night for me to do my thing to so they missed out! :) that's my version of the big jesus screw you

some of those guys are up here, and they're still jackasses


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