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2001-08-02 - 11:29 p.m.

is there anything better than krispy kreme?

is there anyting better than krispy kreme? not much, thats what i say

i remember the first time i ever had one, some dude was eating a box when a several ton semi slammed into his yugo and when he made it up here he was still holding the donut in his hand so he offered me a bite! it was still warm, and oh in the name of me and all things holy was it ever good so good in fact that i had the r&d department whip up one of our own! one of the best things about heaven is that you cant get fat and its a good thing or i'd look like elvis by now that's pre-death elvis, hes lookin pretty good up here and he's always at the kreme every morning. in life as in death, thats what they say right?

well that should put any doubt to rest about him being still alive, i can assure you that hes dead, and i can also assure you that there is indeed a rock and roll heaven and we do in fact have a hell of a band

well i better toddle off work to be done

your buddy jesus

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