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2001-10-10 - 8:36 p.m.

its a jolly holiday with dubyah

oh boy what a day!! i invited my good buddy george w bush over for tea and crumpets and a some games today which was pretty fun even though the first thing he did when he came over was to take the cd i was listening to out of my stereo and put in his own music -- i was totally rockin with dokken and he had to play that dumb song about the men raining, and hallalooYAH and all that stuff its cool i like that song too but he could have waited until dokken was finished and he always plays that song i think its his favorite

anyway we played a great game of checkers i wanted to teach him how to play chess but he said he didn't want to play he said he can never remember how the horsies can move lol! maybe he should buy jenna a pony and then he'll know about horses and it would keep her mind off of the bottom of a bottle!! hahaha just pulling yer chain george!!

anyway yeah, checkers! so we are playing checkers and i'm like totally giving him the bad beatdown! you don't know how good it feels to totally whup the president of the united states at checkers! you should have seen his face when i told him to KING THE KING OF KINGS! haha it was awesome maybe he should get those tellyban guys over to the white house and they can settle everything over a game of checkers on second thought maybe thats not a good idea if they beat him that could turn sour!

after that we just kicked it for a while and watched star wars episode one which kicks ass (ewan rulez!!) cuz i have the advance dvd and you don't and for all of you who think george lucas sold his soul to the man in the basement you're just plain wrong! then i wanted to watch poltergeist but george said he had to go becuz he apparently cant watch scary movies he says they give him nightmares! haha what a pansy

anyway c-ya!!

love your pal jesus

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