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2002-04-30 - 12:54 p.m.

fast pass

So hey everyone, what's going on? i have made a compromise with alex about his time helping me out with my sweet diary! he said he would keep helping me as long as i put a link to his weird celebrities eating site on my diary, so there it is!! yay! now you all will never be deprived of the love of hte lord again!

ok so here's the deal i have a great idea for dealing with those terrible long lines of people trying to get into heaven! but first i have a story

about two weeks ago paul and i decided to go down to earth and hang out, you know like we do every now and again, and we decided to go to disneyland! I hadn't been there since like 1968 or something so what the hey!! well we had a great time, i got my photo taken with mickey mouse and pluto and paul almost got kicked out because he got into this weird argument with an employee over why splash mountain was closed i think he threatened them with eternal damnation but that didn't even change their minds!! its funny though, he totally doesn't have the authority to do that so he was bluffing with his poker face on. Paul really loves brer rabbit

ANYWAY they have this new thing at disneyland that makes it so you don't have to stand in lines!! its called fast pass and it totally rules. So I am proposing that we install fast pass machines up here!! that way you won't have to spend a year or so in Peter's dumb line (especially when he's loaded, then it takes twice as long!) now, when you die, you just go to the machine and it prints out a ticket telling you what time to come back, and your wait will be a month instead of a year! How about that!

I think it'll make a lot of people happier, the lines have been insane, and people just get really surly when they have to wait in line for that long without anything to look at or do, we tried getting clowns, but that didn't go over very well, no sir. i guess people don't really like clowns

okay, well thats all i have to say for today! bye buddies!!

love always,


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