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2002-08-14 - 11:41 a.m.

footprints in the sand

ok listen up people

you know that famous proverb that lots of old people and soccer moms have on their kitchen walls next to the serenity prayer? the one that goes something like 'oh jesus why have you always been my co-pilot through my life with the two sets of footprints on the beach but then during my hardest times there are only one set WTF is that blah blah and then i supposedly say that was when i was carrying the dude across the beach' yeah that one

well i need to clear the air about that it didn't really happen quite that way. one day i was bored so i decided to go check things out and started walking on the beach next to a buddy of mine to spread some cheer and all that, you know, let him know that everything's gonna be awright and he looks down to see these spook footprints in the sand next to him and does he go, 'oh hey jesus whats up buddy!!' NO he runs away SCREAMING!! I really dont know how it got spun into that happy story, but its bull

it is so hard to be jesus, seriously

aim: iamrealjesus

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