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2002-10-07 - 1:52 p.m.


yarrrrr it be me, pirate jesus! I be sailin' on the SS Heaven, preparrrr to be boarded!!

how do you guys like my pirate schtick?? i am going to dress up like a pirate for halloween isnt that cool? me and mark and luke got together recently and decided that this halloween is goign to be the best ever. mark is going to be a scarecrow and luke is going to be james earl jones and we are going to go scare the business out of everyone with our awesome haunted house! yeah you heard me right for a buck you can get in and we'll have all sorts of spooky stuff for you to do like put your hand in a bowl of eyes (peeled grapes), feel a corpse (john's leather coat) and even meet a pair of mummies (hume cronin and jessica tandy, together forever!)and a bat

its going to rule i cant wait to count my money!

what are you all doing for halloween?? anyone want to come to der haus of horrors?? or come trick or treating with us? 0r just hang out? maybe have a few drinks or something? thatd be awesome.


ps, sorry about the down time

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