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2003-05-14 - 9:30 a.m.

i hate harleys even more now!!

man i have always hated harleys they are so annoying!! always rushing by you at a zillion miles an hour going BABBABBABPABBRAMMRWAWRPOTATOPOTATO!!! it is so annoying!! so that's that and then!! yesterday! there was this big squabble at some biker convention somewhere and a bunch of them showed up on MY doorstep (sans harleys of course cause harleys dont die) and wanted to be let in!! well peter gave them the usual 20 questions routine and most of them got in and let me tell you i wish we'd left them in purgatory because those bikers are a nuisance!!

first of all they refuse to stay in heavenhousing(tm) they insist that we create a 'camp ground' for them to stay in so i had to go out there and do my little thing and conjur up a trampled dirt/grass field for them and since then it has been a non stop party and is keeping all of us up at night, with their ZZ Top and their Bad to the Bone and their fucking freebird!! oh man and then there's all the ladies always wanting to show they junk all the time and let me tell you i am a fan of the female form but i am NOT a fan of big ol sagbags hangin down and twirlin around! BARF!!

i havent slept in a week, last night they were standing outside my windows singing WE'VE GOTTA FRIEND IN JEEEEE-SUS, and this is just the last straw.

there oughta be a law!! wait i can make a law, i will see what i can do about these biker folks wish me luck!

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