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2003-05-29 - 8:00 p.m.

THE Matrix has JESUS! Well, kind of

WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRD booty to my brothers and sisters what is up there in THE REAL WORLD (you can tell where this is going already!!) so i put on my trusty disguise and went down to see Matrix Reloaded last weekend and hoo boy what a rollercoaster of good and bad that movie is!!

first off if you havent seen the first matrix dont even bother!! you will be scratching your head like its full a chiggers! there is so much talky talkin and weird philosophy in this movie that it should be called BONG: RELOADED if you ask me!! and second off i dont know what lawrence fishface has been eating since the first one but i know it is a LOT because his spare tire has inflated to a nice little buddha belly! his name should be more-PIE-us if you ask me! and the third thing i want to talk about is that sequence with the eleventy-hundred agent smiths, while very kick ass!! was also very too long and WAY TOO DIGITAL i mean come on it looked like a PS2 cut scene with KEANU-OS v.1.5! booo hiss!!

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, HOLY CRAP WAS IT AWESOME. a few of the sequences blew my ass to smithereens and made me yell out my name about a hundred times while high-fiving John, Mark. Luke and Paul, who all came down to keep me company while waiting in line.

but all in all very good!! KUDOS TO YOU, WALTCHAWSKIESKY BROTHERS!! I am mad that it was outsold by the movie where my morgan freeman and his chocolate chip cheeks plays my dad and gives all his powers to FUNNYMAN NOT SO FUNNYMAN Jim Carrey!! BOO TO YOU AMERICAN MOVIEGOERS!!!

love jesus

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