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2003-07-25 - 9:58 p.m.


HOOOOOOOOOOO nelly hi everyone this is Jesus comin atcha from I-90 i'm pullin a load of coors and got the bandit runnin on up ahead lookin out for that snake in the grass sherriff!

i am just kidding it is just ol jesus! we are having a big birthday party up here and i thought i would give some hollas out jesus style! it is pauls birthday oh holy crap he just leaned on my shoulder and said HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY INTERNET JERKS!! he is four sheets to the wind and those sheets are FILTHY by the smell of him! hooo WHEE man i am glad he's gone. so yeah this party is ON everyone is here lets see elvis is over in the corner talking to JFK, they are comparing their weeners and I think JFK wins he has the trump card! so theres that and they are having a pretty good time by the looks of things i hope it doesn't turn nancy on me i will have to put them in the cloakroom with robert mitchum and lawrence olivier (SIR).

oh my lordy me oh my i just got my jesus chest fondled by none other than my FORELORN love Lisa LEFT EYE lopes baby baby come back and give me some sugar!!

oh man it is such a good party i dont know why i am still here so i am going to hit the ROAD JACK -- besides the pinata full of solid gold coins and jungle joe candy is coming up and i cant miss that so BYE BUDDIES dont be strangers!!

love jesus

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