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2003-09-19 - 7:40 p.m.

Come and knock on our knockers

omg you guys probably know this but i have been so busy lately that i totally havent been reading salon.com and all that stuff you guys have down there but holy cow john ritter is here!!

john ritter is like my favorite sitcom star of all time!! if not for him the TABOO of the THREESOME would have never made it into the minds of the puritanical american people!! and if your're like me, and i know you are, you love a good threesome (especially if janet stays IN and the damn ropers stay out, I mean eww)

so john says hi to all his internet fans!!

johnny cash is up here too, but you probably know that too i am so out of the loop! but he's up here and heaven now has a HELL of a band let me tell you!!

you watch everything goes in three and JOHNNY CARSON will be next!

arent you guys lucky you get not one but TWO entries today!!

love always,


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